Compare and Contrast at least three compensation strategies and determine recommendations for how they may be implemented within you organization

A. Prepare a source document to organize eight reference titles into at least three research findings that relate to  the topic. References must be credible, academic or professional resources.
B. Prepare a business report based on your research findings that include the following:
1. Introduction (suggested length of 1 page) that explains the subject and purpose of the report
2. Body of the report that does the following:
a. Summarizes the three research findings gathered during your investigation
b. Analyzes how the three research findings gathered during your investigation will affect the company in your chosen scenario
c. Recommends at least three solutions to management based on your research findings
i. Justify your recommendations.
3. Conclusion that will:
a. Emphasize the importance of the three research findings.
b. Summarize the benefits of your recommendations.
4. Reference page for all references cited in the report, including at least eight references that correspond to your in-text citations

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