compare and contrast developmental theories

Developmental Theories

The purpose of this written assignment is to compare and contrast two developmental theories. You can use any theorist of your choice, except for Vygotsky and Piaget. You must include a minimum of 3 resources and your paper should be 3-5 pages, excluding the title and reference pages.

Create a strong introduction that includes a quotation, anecdote, or generalization that would lead into the thesis.
Introduce the first theorist to compare/contrast. List the key points of the theory, strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, and implications for students with differing needs and abilities. Do not mention the second theorist in this portion of your paper.
The next section of your paper should include the same detailed information for your second theorist as mentioned for topic 1.
Once you have developed the detailed information for theorist 1 & 2 now is the time to analyze both theories on how they may be similar or different.
Your conclusion should reiterate the main points of your essay, and also include your personal thoughts in opinions on both theories and if you support one over the other.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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