comparing newspapers

Select one mainstream (United States) newspaper in English and two ethnic newspapers, preferably published in this country. The ethnic newspapers can be written in a foreign language, bilingual or in English. Do not select two ethnic newspapers from the same ethnic group; i.e. El Diario/La Prensa and Hoy.

Explore the editorial content of these newspapers. Read their local, national and international news; their columns and editorials; and their special sections, including Entertainment, Sports, Features, Food, etc.

Address the following questions:
• What kind of news do they report? For example, do they put more emphasis on local vs. national or international news? Are they more interested in sports than entertainment; in opinion than news, etc.?
• Compare mainstream and ethnic newspapers and determine what they could learn from each other.
• What is interesting or different in the way they cover sports, culture, entertainment, etc.

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