Comparison of A Doll’s House and Revolutionary Road

After read A Doll’s House and watch the movie Revolutionary Road, write a essay to comparison essay. Please use point by point method, not block by block method to write a essay.
You can choose one of the topic to write.

A)Compare the endings of A Doll’s House and Revolutionary Road, acknowledging major thematic similarities while pursuing meaningful differences. Form an original thesis that summarizes your thinking and provides us with your answer to the “so what?–the significance of your thesis to you, your readers, other readers of this text and the film.


B)Compare the function of the secondary characters as foils for the central struggle in both A Doll’s House and in the film, Revolutionary Road to highlight the “pilgrimage” the central characters take in each work. Explain, of course, the “pilgrimage” as you see it.


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