Comparison of Blanche DuBois and Willy Loman

Death of a Salesman are two of the most enduring characters in 20th century drama. Compare and contrast Blanche and Willy. Below are some, but by no means all, of the areas you should focus on, keeping in mind that these areas can overlap:
►How their pasts have contributed to their characters as we see them in the present  time of the plays
►How the social milieu in which they have lived has contributed to making them who they are.
►The ideals both of them live by.
►The illusions Blanche and Willy have about themselves and about their worlds.
►Their relationships with the key individuals in their lives.
It must be typed in 12 point font
You need to incorporate the comments of at least two critics into your paper. Since I am looking for clear, fluid, insightful writing that integrates your own ideas with those of the critics, footnotes and a bibliography are not necessary; however, you must indicate the critical source in what is called a signal phrase. No more than 3 pages!

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