Context:  AmartyaSen argues that “…poverty must be seen as the deprivation of basic capabilities rather than merely as lowness of incomes, which is the standard criterion of identification of poverty.” (p. 1) Martha Nussbaum supports Sen’s “capabilities approach,” but she argues that it “will supply definite and useful guidance … only if we formulate a definite list of the most central capabilities…” (p. 4). She proposes a list of ten capabilities that “are supposed to be general goals that can be further specified by the society in question, as it works on the account of fundamental entitlements it wishes to endorse” (p. 5).

Question:  In your essay, answer this question: how is capability deprivation a more powerful approach for finding ways to fight poverty than a focus on raising the incomes of the poor? Then, take a position on how Nussbaum’s formulation of ten specific capabilities enhances Sen’s argument. Use LawanaMarts’s experience with Maggie in “Swamp Nurse” as a way to illustrate your argument.

Make sure to define and use key terms, such as capability deprivation, income deprivation, social justice, gender justice, or any others that are relevant to your analysis. Also, when using “Swamp Nurse,” you should avoid retelling the entire story; you should use those parts of the story that help you to respond to the question.

Notes:It is essential that you include in your essay specific references to the articles in the reading set, and that you attribute any material that you summarize, quote, or paraphrase to its source. Base your essay on the information contained in the set of readings, not on your own experience, on outside readings, or on courses you have taken

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