Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Make up a client, or choose one from a workplace or previous field experience site. Please protect this client’s confidentiality! You will complete a treatment plan on this client that encompasses the following:

Consider the individual and his/her complete support system as you plan for each domain of the participant’s life.

Describe the person’s strengths/assets before assessing for needs.

Once you have decided on the needs of the participant, state them as goals. Each goal should have objectives. Objectives answer the question: How will you know that this has been accomplished?

For example:
Living Situation:

Strengths/Assets: Participant lives alone, therefore needs only a small home.

Goals: Participant needs to find an affordable apartment.

Objective: Participant will report having visited several apartments.

Objective: Participant will sign a lease to rent an apartment.

Consider all domains:
Living Situation
Basic Safety

Note: Please make it a treatment plan style format used in counseling, medical, psychology, etc… Not need to be in any writing format. Number of words does not need to match the 2 pages… Number of pages and word count is not necessary as long as the assignment is completed as instructed. Thank You.

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