Creating Web Sites


IT502 – Creating Web Sites

Assignment 3 – Usability Analysis


Below you are assigned a not-for-profit site and asked to perform a usability analysis.


Review the site and answer the following question:



  1. Is the URL user friendly? Why?
  2. Is the purpose of the site obvious? Write a paragraph describing your understanding of the site scope.
  3. Who is the audience for which the site is mainly focused on? Why?
  4. Is the site modern looking? If so what makes it so?
  5. How easy is it to navigate your way through the site? Draw a navigation path for at least two features and discuss the positives and negatives of how the site is organized.
  6. Ensure browser compatibility by testing in at least two browsers: discuss the differences if any between the two environments.
  7. Discuss the number and types of graphics used on the site? Do you think this is good or bad for a user with a dial-up connection?
  8. Does the site have any form of animation? What is its impact?
  9. Turn off  JavaScript in your browser. Did you get any errors, If so please document the way that these errors affected your visit
  10. Give at least two recommendations on how you would improve the site.
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