constitution assignment


. As a reminder, the assignment is to write a new constitution. This assignment can
either be an individual or a group effort (no more than four in a group). It is designed to teach
students to apply the knowledge they have learned in the course and to meet the SLOs developed
by the college. The assignment can be a maximum of ten (10) pages and must have all sources
cited using MLA or APA format with a work cited page (not included in the page limit). This
assignment will be submitted in and is worth 170 points.
Write a new constitution for the country and your generation. Be as detailed as possible.
Issues that should be covered include:
The role of government
The structure of government
Currency & financial issues
Civil Rights & liberties
Any other relevant issues that you think are important
To help you get started on your outline, you should asked yourself a series of questions based on
who, what, when, where, and how.
1.Who should government represent and why?
2.What type of government should we have?
3.What rights and freedoms should the citizens have?
4.Where and when should elections be held?
5.Where and when should the government meet?
6.How should the government work?
Next, create your outline based on the answers to those questions:
I. Purpose
The government of the New Union will represent
The national government will be
The regional governments will be
It will provide.
Now, take the outline and turn it into the constitution in paragraph form. Note that there is
double-spacing between headers and sections, but the paragraphs are single-spaced.
Writing Assignments: The writing assignments will be based on your acquired
knowledge of a specific topic that relates to the course. Grading rubrics can be
found in Blackboard. Using the textbook, articles, approved academic websites, and
class discussions as resources are allowed. Please note, I do not accept Wikipedia as an
approved academic website and it should not be used. If used, points may be deducted. The
Constitution should be typed, double-spaced, and five to seven-pages; other writing
assignments should be single-spaced. All the assignments should follow the same format: Times
New Roman font, 12-point font, and one-inch margins all the way around. Additional
information regarding these projects can be found in the companion website. APA or MLA
citation methods are accepted. Using automated fill-in forms from citation websites is allowed,
however you are still responsible to make sure the format of your citations are correct, down to
the last comma. Remember to cite all work that is not your own!
Required Text and News Sources
1. Petri, M. and Azarcon, C. Democracy and Action. 2009, 2nd Ed. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt. ISBN:
978-0-7575-6509-0 (referred to as DAA in the proposed reading schedule below). This text is
packaged with an access code, available for free only with the purchase of a new text; it can
only be used only once, and is not transferable.

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