The BBC website news article �Tube 150th anniversary: How navvies paved away for Crossrail� makes it clear that construction

a) is potentially dangerous
b) b) Stimulates the need for innovation in technology
c) Requires a great deal of coordination and management

Term paper brief

1) Choosing ONLY ONE of the three areas above (a, b or c), apply relevant modern theories, concepts and models to the construction sector in ONE country of your choice. (Construction here is taken in its widest sense to include the design professions, civil engineering, built infrastructure and the major supply chains.)
2) In your paper you should assess the state of the relevant aspect of the construction sector in the chosen country and suggest potential improvements in practice or policy at project, firm, industry and or government levels.
3) You should end your paper with a conclusion section that both summarizes the value of your findings and makes your key recommendations for improvement.
4) The length of your Term Paper should be 3,000 words +/- 10%. You should read your Course Guide Carefully regarding both the structure and assessment criteria for Term papers. You should also read careful the sections relating to requirements for English timely submission, over-length coursework and referencing/plagiarism.

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