Corporate Social Responsibility in Gas And Petroleum Industry Sector.

Qatargas developed and implemented in 2010 its Social Investment Policy with the objective to outline the reasons for Qatargas social investment program and describe the operation and delivery of this program including attracting, reviewing, developing, awarding and monitoring of the social investment projects and corporate sponsorships undertaken by the company.

This policy governs all of Qatargas operations both in Qatar and internationally and will help Qatargas to be recognized and accepted as a conscientious, responsible and responsive corporate citizen.

Focus themes and areas of the social investment programme for the period 2010 – 2012 include education, community (especially Ras Laffan Industrial City and northern communities) and environment. Evaluation criteria have been developed to ensure that the best possible projects are supported by the company. Qatargas is supporting QNV 2030 through these strategic corporate social responsibility programmes.

In 2011, sponsorships and donations as part of our social investment program – including school donations, road safety campaigns, sports and events sponsorships, and donations to local NGO’s – exceeded 6.9 million Qatar Riyals.

Write a report about the corporate social responsibility practices of one of the firms working in energy and industry sector with emphasis on the support such CSR information would have to  companies business plans plus the contribution such CSR measures would have to human capital development.

This report should be around 500-1000 words
the industrial company that i choose is : Qatar Petroleum.
and here is some information about the company

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