Costa Rica

Admin Writer: I am requesting the same writer who wrote order #2244742 for this order. There is only 1 Assignment for this order and it is Part 2 of Order #2244742. The order requires 2 full pages. Writer please make sure you address all 6 points (questions) for this assignment. Please use the e-books (pdfs) for this assignment. You can use other references, but make sure you use the appropriate APA Reference format and include the full name, year and page number in the body of the text that you are quoting.

Topics in Cultural Studies:  Latin America and Its People, Volume II: 1800-Present by Cheryl E. Martin and Mark Wasserman; Pearson-Prentice Hall; Edition 2 – – This is the book being used for this class



ASSIGNMENT 1- “Social Structure ”;CHAPTERS 9, 11, and 12

Assignment 1:  

Title  Social Structure – Write “Two (2) pages for Assignment 1

Following is a link you may find interesting for current events in Latin America:

Please only use the book as the Reference source provided in the attached pdfs.  This references should include the full name of the author, year, page numbers, and the correct APA format in the body of thext where it is being quoted.

You do not need to include an Abstract, Title Page, and an Conclusion for this assignment.

Reading Assignment:CHAPTERS 9, 11, and 12

The Chapters 9,11, and 12 reading assignments are attached as pdfs.  You will need to use the udername and password below to access the pdfs:

Username: BernadetteAnn.Hadley

Password: C0wb0y$*6510


Part II: Social Protest of Costa Rica

  1. Research the types of social protest movements in “Costa Rica”. Possible types of protest include environmental, feminist, peasant, labor, minority, indigenous, and religious protest, although not every nation will have experienced every type of protest in its history.
  2.  Focus on examples of social protest, NOT social revolutions or general political history. Your essay should discuss specific examples of social protest, but it need not cover every type of protest in “Costa Rica”.
    1. What were the motivations or reasons given for protest?
    2.  Are they linked to economic conditions?
    3. Oftentimes, religious groups play a role in addressing social and economic problems.
    4. How have they been involved in your country?


References: Include the appropriate quotes in the body of the text for this  assignment with full names and pages numbers; Example – Bernadette Kennard, 2000, p.49


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