1. Define the following;  A.100 Days  B.fireside chats  C.CIO  D.Dust Bowl  E.Grapes of Wrath
2.What was Keynesian economics?
3.Why did F D R declare war on the Supreme Court?
Who “won” the war?
4. define the following:  A. CCC  B.F D I C  C.N L R A  D. T V A  E.A A A

5. What is a “sit-down” strike?
What brought them about?
6.What really got the U S A out of the Great depression? Be sure to explain your answer.
7.Minorities made some real progress as a result  of the New deal programs. Explain that statement giving two examples, one each for different ethnic groups.
8. Is Social Security socialism? Think this one through.
9.Besides problems in Europe, there were at least two other areas in the world that experienced totalitarian aggression prior to the outrbreak of WW2. Where were they and who did what to whom?
10Define the following:  A. cash and carry  B.Blitzkrieg  C.Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis  D.Mahattan project  E.Four Freedoms

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