Before beginning this assignment, you will want to review the topic of body image found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 4.
This is a two-part paper in which you will analyze aspects involved in the development of adolescent body image and create a body image resource list for parents of adolescents. The total paper length should be four to six pages, double-spaced, and is to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 4.
For the first part, you will choose an advertisement from the internet, television, or magazines that is targeted towards adolescents. You will describe the ad in as much detail as possible in order to give a concise picture of the advertisement. Include a link if the advertisement is found online. Then answer the following questions about the advertisement:
1.    What is the intended audience for this advertisement?  What age group?  Male or female?
2.    What subliminal and/or overt messages does this ad send?
3.    How would this ad be interpreted differently by each gender?
4.    Do you think this ad is inaccurate in its portrayal of body image?  In what ways?
5.    Why do you think this ad and its product may be appealing to an adolescent?
6.    Why do you think the marketers chose to use this content and imagery?
This part of your paper should be two to three pages in length.
For the second part, you are to develop a list of 15–25 resources concerning adolescent body image. The purpose of this list is to assist parents as they guide teens in the development of a healthy body image. To begin, compose one to three paragraphs that introduce the subject of body image and the factors that contribute to its development. Then in outline form, list the internet resources, parts from your textbook, and Scriptures. Below each resource give a two- to three-sentence explanation of how that resource is useful and a brief summary of the content.

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