create a character

Create a character of your own. Many writers choose their characters from people they actually know, which helps greatly in making them round, true-to-life characters. You may wish to do the same thing. Then write a narration in which your narrator general describes a passage of time and then focuses sharply on specific incidents. You will not have time to write a novel, of course, but you should be able to include at least two incidents that will develop your character. Your total length should not be more than a couple of pages.

Your grade will be based primarily upon your ability to handle the skill of narrative detail well. Remember to SHOW what the character is like through the character’s words and actions; don’t TELL us what the character is like.

Hint: Many writes not only choose their characters from people they know in real life, they also create incidents from events they have witnessed in real life, changing the details as they see fit to make the story turn out they way they want. For example, the novelist Phillip Roth had a number of girl friends over his life, and each one of them could expect to see details of her life with him appear in his next novel after the relationship was over.

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