Creating a more entrepreneurial culture within Europe

1.0 Introduction: (100 words) briefly introduce the topic; include the parameters of the assessment, what you will include and why, what you will not include, and why not.
2.0 Methodology: (100 words) simply state that your methodology for this assignment is secondary sources, and identify the main ones.
3.0 Results: (600 words) – Describe everything you find out through your research, give all of the results in an objective and factual way. (Graphs, charts etc. may be included as appendices at the end of your report.)
4.0 Discussion: (500 words) – Here you interpret your own understanding of what the results of your research show. Contextualize your ideas in relation to other theories and with other similar research.
5.0 Conclusions: (200 words)  summarize the content of your assessment; do not introduce new points / ideas at this stage.
6.0 References: – this must include all references in your essay which are to come from a range of sources. At this level 15 different sources are expected. Referencing throughout your assignment and in this section must use the Harvard system correctly.

Your report should use books and the Europa website
Any assertions you make must be backed up with relevant, correctly referenced examples throughout.


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