creative assignment about global environmental politics

The field of global environmental politics consists of multiple themes, issues and perspectives from which to understand and analyze problems. For example, Clapp and Dauvergne identified market liberalism, institutionalism, bio-environmentalism, and social greens as conceptual lenses with which to explain and understand global environmental problems. In class we discussed other issues including the precautionary principle, how to define sustainability, the concept of winners and losers, environmental justice, consumption, and many others that bring to light various dynamics related to global environmental politics.


For this assignment, please take one of the concepts, issues, or themes that we discussed in class and create something that addresses the questions listed below.



  • Original poem or spoken word performance
  • Original drawing, painting, photograph, video
  • Original song, lyrics
  • Develop a consumer product
  • Develop a recipe
  • Collages, photo montages or compilations
  • Original or developed educational tool



Every assignment must include a short written essay no longer than 500 words that explains the following:

  • Describe the concept, issue, theme that you are using in the assignment
  • What aspect of global green politics inspired you take the approach you did and guided your creative product?
  • What do you hope the audience takes away and learns from your assignment?
  • How does this assignment reflect what you learned in this class?
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