Creative writing

Write a 750-1,000-word essay in which you propose a solution to the cause or problem you wrote about.

Use the questions in the “Proposing a Solution Resource” to assist you (see below)

Proposing a Solution Resource
To begin creating a solution for your chosen problem, answer the following questions.
1)    Define your chosen problem in one sentence.
2)    Describe the best tool for addressing the problem; that is, describe what tools should be used for solving this issue.
3)    Brainstorm: what solutions can solve your problem? Do not judge or throw away any ideas in this stage. List as many as possible.
4)    Narrow down: Are there solutions that are not viable in the solving of your problem? That is, are there tools that would take too much time or money or individuals to complete the solution? Eliminate these.
5)    Focus on the solutions that can be put into place and are viable or capable of being used to solve the problem.
6)    Choose your top two solutions. Why are they the best? What makes them viable as solutions?
7)    Define the solutions: how will each solve the problem? What materials, resources, etc. will be needed? Once again, are these two solutions viable?
8)    Select one of the solutions on which to focus your essay.
9)    Draft the solution you have chosen, including a description of the problem and how it can be solved with your chosen solution.

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