Creativity within the Group – Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin

The task is to examine and analyze a successful team, of your choice (Google)

When conducting your research for this assignment, you must consider:

– The scope and application of individual creativity within the team or group
– The dynamics between members of the team or group in relation to the creative process
– The extent to which team or group success meets the definition of innovation:

‘Innovation is the application of creativity to give rise to a new product, service or process delivering something new or better to the world’

In addition to considering the academic literature in relation to personal and professional development, this assignment will require a degree of research. At this stage, we are not expecting primary research (i.e. interviews) but the analysis of documents, media archives (journal articles, (credible) newspaper accounts, television footage etc.), company reports, articles in practitioner/industry journals, and so forth.

A key challenge in the assignment is to know exactly what happened during the creative process. However, there is no way of knowing for sure without being a participant and recording that process. To allow for this lack of ‘insider’ knowledge, you can make reasonable and informed assumptions about the process, as long as it is clear where you are making those assumptions in the report.

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