Review the assigned pages in chapter7 in the course text,Contemporary Criminal Law:Concepts Cases and Controversies,and focus on elements of crime involved in an attempt.Also,consider the Model Penal Code’s approach to define criminal attempts.Select an example of someone who was charged with attempting murder but has not yet been tried.You can look for exampes in the news or on the internet.Using the internet,find the attempt statues and murder statutes for your state(:Mississippi).If you can not find the statute for your own state or live outside the U.S.,look up state from the list available on Contemporary Criminial Law:Cases,Concepts and Controversies:Study Site.Think about the elements of criminal attempts defined in the attempt to commit murder statures in your state and consider how they apply to your example.Find the punishment for attempting murder compares to the punishment for committing murder.Reflect on whether you agree or disagree with the punishment for attempting murder and consider why.Assignment(1-2 pages);Breifl describe the example you selected.Explain why or why not the person in your example should be found guilty of attempted murder.Justify your explanation by referring to the elements criminal attempts.Explain whether you agree or disagree with the punishment for attempted murder and why.Be sure to use specific references to all sources.

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