Criminal Justice

The objective of the paper will be to present some practice or policy as documented in any non-western country and discuss the practical implications of either adapting or adopting it here in the United States. If you propose that the policy be adopted, then no changes to the policy need to be made in order for it t be implemented in the U.S.; but if you suggest that the policy be adapted, then the reader can expect to see what aspects of the policy need to be changed to suit America’s unique culture and practices.
–Paper should be objective and contain supporting research to add legitimacy to your argument.
–Proper paraphrasing and direct quotation techniques and citation be noted

Choosing a topic and getting started: When choosing the policy/practice that you wish to adopt or adapt, you might start with thinking about effective practices in other countries or you might think about what is ‘broken’ here in the U.S. and then research how other countries address this. A link to the databases can be found in the Student Resources tab on the toolbar (try searching in the Proquest, SocIndex, or Sage Criminology databases).

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