criminal law

1.    Using the hyperlinks below, visit EACH of the websites listed.

2.    Explore each website, surfing as far into it as you need to find documents and other links related to criminal law.

3.    Make a paper copy of, prepare a screen shot of, or provide a hyperlink to 25 different sites.  AT LEAST ONE MUST COME FROM EACH OF THE 16 HYPERLINKS.

4.    Write a short paragraph that briefly:  (a) describes the site, (b) tells why you found it worth noting for this exercise, and (c) explains why you think it might be useful for you in the future.

5.    Turn in the 25 sites as a “notebook”.  You may turn it in –

*    electronically as one or more attachments via e-mail.  Please create the documents as HTML, Rich Text Format, MSWord, and/or PDF document


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