Critique Analysis Essay Lecture

The Critique Analysis Essay consists of four pages, with two paragraphs per page.  You are required to read the following readings found in your textbook Patterns:

“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” pg. 410

“A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun” pg. 354

“An Argument to Be Made about Immigrant Babies and Citizenship” pg.600

“Inked Well” pg. 685

I do not want any headings or header/footers on each page. You will use the one inch margins and each page will begin with the first paragraph consisting of a summary of the reading. Be sure to state the title and author of the reading. The summary is to be written objectively with no first or second person usage. This paragraph will be 1/2 a page in content. Do not include any quotes or exact words from the reading. This will result in a full grade reduction.

The second paragraph will be your personal response to the JOURNAL ENTRY found at the end of the reading. The paragraph will complete the second half of the page. First and second person usage is allowed, since this is a personal response.

You will begin with the first reading, listed above, and complete each of the four readings in this format; therefore, submitting four pages in the Dropbox.

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