Data Collection Techniques

Case Assignment

In the module three case assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of the concept of conceptual framework of a qualitative study, examine qualitative research questions, and distinguish data collection techniques used to collect information about the qualitative research problem.

Your tasks:

Read the background materials provided, as well as, articles you search on your own.

After reading the article in your Background Materials by Mackey, (2006), “The Influence of Four Elementary Principals upon their Schools’ Reading Programs and Students’ Reading Scores,” please write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following items:

1. Identify the research problem and research questions of the study, and within the context of the selected study’s methodology, discuss the appropriateness of alignment (between selected methodology and research problem/questions).

2. Identify the sample population and describe the sampling technique(s) employed. Within the context of the study’s methodology, discuss appropriateness of alignment (between selected methodology and sample population).

3. Describe the study variables or central phenomena to be explored.

4. Identify and describe the appropriateness of the data collection techniques used in the study.

5. Critically reflect on the study’s design and evaluate its conceptual framework. Please provide compelling content from the literature to support your conclusions.

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