Diet and Exericse Project:

Diet and Exercise Project: Diet and exercise play an important role in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This project will allow me to look at my current eating and exercise habits from 1/9 to 1/25 and then reflect on ways you would like to change your personal behaviors.
My instructor asked me to do that ” You will keep a daily chart for two weeks, recording everything you eat and all exercise activities you perform. You will then write a paper totaling 1-2 pages describing your results and how you would like to change”.
on the two pages I need a weekly recording chart that include everything and exercises activities describing my result …

Additional info: ( activities )in general, my body doesn’t change so much, because I didn’t work out except playing soccer
( food ) most of my foods were fast foods

-Project will begin on 1/9
-Due on 1/25-1/26

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