Discuss three reasons why employees in your organization are motivated to do their jobs or are not motivated to do their jobs

Use a title that restates the essence of the question.
 Use a minimum of five paragraphs and no more than a maximum of eight, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Quality, substantive essays are usually longer than shorter.
 Type the essay double spaced using Times New Roman 12 font.
 Compose the essay in the third person plural (singular where appropriate) form avoiding first person shifts to pronouns like I, my, me, and mine, or second person shifts to you, your, we, our, us. Also, avoid using he/she or him/her gender delineations.
 Avoid quotes unless they have specific relevance to justify a conclusion.
 Paragraphs should range from about five to six sentences for introductions, and six to eight sentences in the body of the essay incorporating examples, explanations, definitions, and data where appropriate.  Avoid making general statements without providing information to enhance and explain each point.
 Avoid giving generic personal opinions; instead base the discussion on researched conclusions that provide depth and breadth of insight into the topic.  Reference and cite information in the body of the essay from sources that indicate conclusions (facts, data) based on research.  Use two to three sources.  Be sure to indicate where the information comes from using an acceptable documentation/footnote style (e.g. MLA or Chicago, preferably APA).
 Pay particular attention to the following grammatical points:  subject-verb agreement,  pronoun antecedent agreement and pronoun reference, singular shifts to plural form and vice versa, and transitional words and expressions that effectively transfer ideas from one paragraph to another or between ideas within paragraphs.  Avoid using one word transitions to introduce paragraphs and pronouns such as it to begin sentences.
 Avoid bullet point lists.
4. Your essay will be evaluated for the following criteria (review these factors before                submitting your final essay):
 The overall essay structure which includes (a) a sound introduction that establishes the thesis/purpose for the essay; (b) organized body addressing three points substantiating the essay’s purpose; and (c) a conclusion that is more than a summary but also makes a prediction, shows a connection to a relevant point, or provides a direction as to what needs to be done to address the next stage of the essay’s discussion.
 Paragraph organization which includes a sufficient number of sentences (typically five to eight) that develop an idea supported by explanations and specific examples.
 Content which includes definitions, examples, data, and explanations, when appropriate, that enhance the understanding of what is written. In addition, the context for statements in the essay must agree to the referenced place, person, time, event, or idea (avoid beginning sentences with pronouns or expletives like it, there, and this unless the context is clear).
 Grammar which includes proper sentence structure and syntax, correct verb and pronoun agreement, appropriate grammatical number and person, and consistent number and person.
 Punctuation which includes special attention to the proper use of commas, colons, semi- colons, apostrophes, italics, and quotes.
 Style which includes sentences that correctly and effectively incorporate strong and appropriate word use; diction; tone; and transitional words and expressions between paragraphs and between sentences to ensure clarity, reference, context, and readability.

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