Discussion Questions for Week 3

Assignment instructions

Ropes Chapters 4-7 & Section 2
Chapter 4

How is “impression management” illustrated in this tale?
How is “socialization” illustrated in this tale?
Have you ever had an experience similar to Stanley’s experience in this tail?
Have you, consciously or not, attempted to create a persona at work or at school?How so?To what effect?
Consider the man in the grease stained shirt discussed in the chapter.How does this individual get away with dressing the way he does?
In your previous experience, have you known anybody who is similar to the man in the grease stained shirt?
Chapter 5
How would Ben and Kerry react if they were aware of Faust’s calculated efforts to manage/manipulate their impressions?
How do you assess the ethical validity of Faust’s approach?
Is Faust’s strategy of giving management what it wants to hear viable in the long run?
Consider the paragraph where Marsh tells a consultant to “get me some new facts.”Have you ever observed similar behavior from a manager or possibly a spouse or parent?
Have you engaged in calculated impression management (of your work product) and, if so, with what results?
Chapter 6
How would you put the lesson of this tale in your own words?
Have you experienced or encountered any examples of behavior similar to what is described in this tale?
How should one go about portraying an image or persona?
Chapter 7
How would you describe Lesley’s strategy to gain acceptance?
What similarities and differences do you see with the tale of “Little Kerry” in the preceding chapter?
How does Lesley’s impression management compare with Faust’s as he prepares his presentation in “Just In Case”?
Why did Leslie have to use a different strategy of performing her work than the senior representative that she trained under?
Section 2
What is ascribed status?
What is the self fulfilling prophecy?
How does attribution theory relate to ascribed status and the self fulfilling bias?
What do the experiments described at the end of Section 2 say about the nature of human behavior and ascribed status?


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