Division of Family and Children Services

This is the third section of your Research Project paper. The major research question or
hypothesis is derived from the problem statement. The research question or hypothesis
is almost always broken down into applicable and manageable sub-questions or sub hypotheses.
These sub-questions guide your research. They are all the questions you have to answer
in order to solve, educate others about, or further explore your problem. They should be open
questions that guide thought and lead to insight.

Submit a one page description that includes:
1. A brief introductory statement of the purpose of your project.

2. A description of the major research question or hypothesis derived from the
problem statement that addresses the purpose.

3. At least three (3) sub-questions or sub-hypotheses that will guide your research,
with your rationale for asking them. Identify each sub-question as requiring
qualitative or quantitative research methods.

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