Durham Report Research Assignment

For this assignment, you will research the Durham Report, written by John George Lambton, the first Earl of Durham.  Lambton travelled to Canada from Britain, after being appointed Governor General and High Commissioner of British North America, and as such he travelled throughout the region.  While travelling, Lambton spoke to many Canadians, both French and English, and the Durham Report was largely based upon the insight gained from these conversations.

Research the report and discuss its:

-Impact on Ontario and Quebec
-Legacy for English and French relationships in Canada
-Influence on the idea of representative self government
-Influence on confederation
-Impact for other British colonies
-Your analysis of the report should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. –

Your mark will be primarily based upon the level of depth with which you explore the above topics.  You should go beyond explaining the content of the Durham report and make sure you evaluate its impact (both immediate and longer-term) on Upper and Lower Canada. Try to integrate primary sources like the report itself, as well as responses to it from the time period (i.e. use newspaper reports) to support your analysis with historical details.  If you include images, please cite your sources for your visuals as well as your written work.

Ensure that you properly cite all references used. (As you will likely encounter several different referencing styles should you go into post-secondary education, you are welcome to use the referencing style of your choice, so long as it one of the major accepted styles. ie. MLA, APA, Vancouver or Chicago.)

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