E-Business/Phase 2 Individual Project 2

Your brother, Joseph, meets once a month with other local business owners to discuss business and networking, and you have decided to accompany him. Coincidentally, this month’s discussion topics are Internet promotions and the CAN-SPAM Act.

Choose 2 or more of the promotional strategies identified below, and discuss why you believe they would be most effective or least effective in attracting customers and new business relationships. Include at least one "use" and one "do not use" recommendation for Grandma’s Treats. Provide exact examples and fully explain your rationale.

* Direct e-mail
* Cross-media advertising
* Banner advertising
* Target market
* Public relations
* Search engine registration
* Affiliate programs

Additionally, research the CAN-SPAM Act, and explain your findings. Does the act make spam illegal? What specifically must be done? Do you agree or disagree with the law?

Assignment Guidelines:

* Select 2 promotional strategies listed in the assignment description.
* Answer the following question:
o Why are these strategies effective or ineffective? Explain.
* Which promotional strategies listed in the assignment description would you recommend for Grandma’s Treats?
* Which strategies do you feel would not be effective for Grandma’s Treats?
* Research the CAN-SPAM Act, and answer the following questions:
o What is the CAN-SPAM Act? Explain.
o What must be done to make e-mail spam legal?
o Do you agree or disagree with the law? Explain.
* Compile your findings and responses to the above questions into a Word document of 8501,100 words.

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