earth’s resources

the job is to conduct some basic research in to earth’s resources.

Most earth scientists consider the wasteful(and irresponsible) use of natural(including geological) resouces as one of the major causes of current environmental(including ecological and human) problems. if we list all the major environmental problems threatening the planet earth they are directly or indireactly related to poor use of earth’s resouces. this problem has increased to a level where it poses a a threat to sustainability of life on the planet. many resouces that are vital to modern human life style( e.g. oil, phosphorus) are depleted to such low levels that within a few decades it will not be economical to the extract them for their current use. you will learn in this course that it takes millions of years of geologic processes to form these resouces and yet huamns exploit them to near extinction within decades to centures. to many in the scientific community, sustainability of life on the planet demands that we need to stop the current pattern of use of geologic resources. on the other hand there are those who consider that all earth’s recources are for the benefit of the humankind and we may use these as we please. scientific and technological advancement will alwats safeguard avaliability of resources through recycling, replacement, alternates, etc. in any case the importance of earth’s resources and their use and abuse by humans are important enough issues that has given rise to the issue of sustainability of life on the planet.

gather as much information as you can, think before write please. after analyzing al the information you are to write on either the pro side of the argument or the con side of the argument

PRO: wasterful and irresponsible exploitation of geological resources as practiced by modern industrial communities like usa, to a large extent, is responsible for current environmental crises. business as usual will lead to serious thrat to life on earth as we have known it. environmental sustainability can only be acheved through some drastic changes in the wasteful and irresponsible pattern of use of geological resources.
CON: current pattern of use of geological resources as practiced in industrial communities like usa does not pose any threat to environmental sustainability. business as usual is not only environmentally sustainable; it will improve the environmental conditions on the planet.

you have to decide which side you want to write. analyze and synthesize your arguments to support either the pro side or the con side. dont write both.

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