Read the articles relating to money and capital markets in Europe and in the United States and write a composition on the current state of affairs encountered in the money and capital markets of Europe.Be sure to include in your written exposition remarks relating to at least five of the following seven topics found in the articles: (1.) how new products partially reveal the actual state of affairs in the European credit markets; (2.) the rush by investors to find yield in the European credit markets; (3.) what the current demand for credit is in Europe; (4.) whether or not individual specialized credit markets in Europe are recovering, or retreating, in size relative to 2012 and before; (5.) the anticipated effect(s) of new government regulation on the banking and non-banking industry in Europe: (6) growing concern over whether or not a new credit bubble is forming and potentially will burst when the ECB possibly begins to hike interest rates in the coming months; (7.) the issue of whether or not bankers’ pay and bonuses should be reduced and/or capped in Europe.

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