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Work in the 21st Century
Based on the definitions for work, career, profession, and vocation, write an explanation of your chosen field or a field you are interested in. What does each of these words mean for your field? Also, what do the experts in your field have to say about these terms?
The introduction should mention these four terms and the definitions provided in the text. This should be cited and used as a source throughout the essay. The thesis should mention the chosen field and why examining it is necessary and interesting.

Topic: Rhetoric and Composition Instructor
Thesis: Decisions determine much about a person’s life, but very little determines as much about a person as the choice they make of a college major; therefore, the choice must be fully analyzed in order to make the right decision. The life of a college professor in any field is an interesting choice, but that of a rhetoric and composition instructor can be a challenging path when considering the different roles of work, career, profession, and vocation.

1.    Introduction- The introduction should mention these four terms and the definitions provided in the text.
2.    Body section 1-Work-Day-to-day life of a college writing instructor—hours of the working day, office environment, repetition or new experience?, computer time vs. person time, will you need on-the-job training?, travel time? And is it required?, is continuing education needed or required? Attire?
3.    Body section 2-Career-starting salary and range, benefits, how are you paid??, are there bonuses?, how to get promoted?, career path?, career length? Can you work a second job? Possibility for self-employment? Can you take a hiatus? Requirements for the starting position-minimum and maximum?
4.    Body section 3- Profession- history and future? -professional organizations? Licensing? Goal of the profession? What kind of specialized knowledge is required? What kinds of certifications are needed/offered?
5.    Body section 4-Vocation-how is your field a vocational endeavor? Is it? Is it even necessary? Conclusion– The conclusion of the essay should examine how, based on your field, approaching work as a livelihood or as a vocation will coincide in or confuse daily life.

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