– comparison/contrast essay on “Bastard Out of Carolina”

…From the novel bastard out of carolina, your job is to select two subjects which are suitable for comparing and/or contrasting. You must state a clear thesis in your essay and select two or three key points of comparison and/or contrast which support your thesis. Your essay must be at least three pages in length and organized using either the point by point or subject by subject pattern of development.

– You must include at least FOUR quotations in your essay. At least one quotation must be long enough to be in the block format (at least four typed lines or more). Use MLA format to properly cite your sources.

– In addition, you must include the following:

1. Works cited page
2. Outline following either point by point or subject by subject pattern of development

– You may choose topics from the following topics:

1. The Waddells and Boatwrights

2. Aunt Ruth and Aunt Raylene

3. Bone and Shannon Pearl

4. Bone and Reese

5. Potrayal of Mama or Bone during the first half of the novel in contrast to how the character is portrayed later in the novel.

6. Granny and Mrs Parsons

7. Uncle Earle and Bone

8. Uncle Earle and Bone’s Mama

Title: must reflect subject of essay.

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