In this assignment, you will work to narrow topics, generate support, and create thesis statements.

Part I:
Create a list of five general topics. These topics should be much too broad to write about. An example is “dogs.” There are so many angles we could take when writing about dogs, that this is by no means a suitable topic for an essay.
Part II:
Now, take your list of general topics and create specific topics. For example, if my general topic was “dogs” I might write create a specific topic of “why I prefer small dogs” Take all five of your general topics and create a specific topic for each.
Part III:
Take each of your specific topics from part two and generate three pieces of evidence. For example, I might list one point of support for my preference for small dogs as:
1. Small dogs are easy to carry around with you, so they make for great constant companions.
Part IV:
Finally, using all of the information you just generated, create five well-written thesis statements.
Create all parts of this assignment in a single Microsoft Word document and then upload it for a grade using the dropbox.

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