So far this semester, you have read a variety of articles that could be grouped under a broad theme: Environment and Ethics.

Choose a specific topic concerned with this theme and explain your choice in a paragraph long rationale. Explain what sparked your interest, what are the reasons you have for further exploration, what are your preliminary thoughts on the topic.Make your topic very narrow and specific.

Length: minimum 100 words

Articles we have read:
“Zuckerman’s Dilemma: A Plea for Environmental Ethics” by Mark Sagoff (in EReade/ Create, p 6)
“Nature is Dead. Long Live Nature!” by Robert J. Cabin (in American Scientist; Jan/Feb2013, Vol. 101 Issue 1, p30.)
Karen Nachay, “In Search of Sustainability”
John A. Vucetich and Michael P. Nelson, “Sustainability: Virtuous or Vulgar?”

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