English and Literature

You will post a draft of your cause and effect essay here.  The directions for the cause and effect essay are in lesson 11–but here is a copy of what you will need to do:  This will be the most complex of the essays, and therefore it is worth more.  You will write a 1250 word essay where you explain how something causes something else–this could be about an illness, or how a piece of machinery/equipment works, or any other thing that results in causing something to happen or change.  You will need at least 3 sources quoted and cited in this essay.  Try to use an example you have learned about in another class.  If you are unsure about your choice, feel free to email me.

You will need an introduction where you clearly state what you will argue causes something else.  The body of the paper must be broken down into logical paragraphs that explain the steps in how the cause will lead to the effect.  Use logical transitions to connect these paragraphs or steps in the process.

The essay must conform to APA rules for quoting, citing, and formatting.

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