English and Literature

Write a paper adhering to the following guidelines.

Introduction: Include a brief synopsis of sandbox, Hamlet and fences( no more than 1 or 2 sentences for each The thesis will have something to do with drama as a reflection of society – past and present.
a) Discuss how all three plays are representative of universal family characters and dysfunctions.
b) Discuss the relationship of father and sons in hamlet (Hamlet/King: Laertes/Polonius) and Fences (Troy/Cory).
c) Discuss the role of women in the three plays: Mother (Sandbox), Gertrude(hamlet) Ophelia(Hamlet), Ophelia (Hamlet), Rose ( Fences)
d) Discuss how Hamlet and Troy are major characters and leaders although they are flawed humans beings.
Conclusion: What general conclusion can you draw about the nature of human beings and life?

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