English and Literature

Typed, double space and note page numbers where information can be found in the text.  Please create a cover page for your project as well as a Table of Contents (label each assignment with the corresponding page number listed).  Please be prepared for a final presentation of your project to your classmates. Your project must be put together in the following order:

1.    Give a brief summary of the plot.  1-2 full pages, tell the story.  Include 3-5 of the main events and describe what happens at the end.
2.    Explain the significance of the title (10-14 sentences). Authors do not choose a title randomly.  Usually the tile is symbolic in some way.
3.    Describe the setting and genre – time period, location, etc. (10-14 sentences)
4.    Discuss in 1-2 full pages your ideas about the main character(s).  Answer what you like or dislike about them and why they are worthy of praise and/or criticism.
5.    In 1-2 full pages, identify what caused a major change in the main character(s) and explain how the character (s) changed.  These changes may have been a consequence of choice, a conflict, a display of some outstanding trait like courage, or even a result of events that occur during the novel.
6.    In double-entry journal style, copy 10 of your favorite phrase/sentences from the book and explain why you chose them.
7.    In double-entry journal style list 3 truths about human nature and find 3 events from the text that relate to those truths.
8.    Title two columns with opposite words (hate/love, peace/violence, power/submission, honesty/deceit, etc).  Now list 5 elements from the novel (characters’ speeches/actions, plot development, symbols, etc) that fit the descriptive words.
9.    Choose one sentence from the text and tell why this sentence embodies the theme of the story.  Illustrate the theme/sentence using text images that you feel bring the theme to live.
10.    Choose a controversial issue from the text and take a stand on ONE SIDE of the issue.  Write a 1-2 full-page paper discussing your reasons for disagreeing or agreeing with a decision a character made in the novel regarding this issue.
11.    In 1-2 full pages write a general review of the book.  Would you recommend the book?  Why or why not?  Would you have changed any element of the story (plot, characters, setting, resolution, conflicts, point of view, etc)?

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