English and Literature

Assignment: Choose one a major theme in your nonfiction
1- advice upon a major change in your life
2- self- transformation
3-relationship in the digital age
4-protection, or what it means to be protected
Compose your own creative nonfiction essay that discusses a personal experience you’ve had the theme you chose. Tell, in creative nonfiction format, what occurred and discuss your overall perception/point of view on that theme.
This essay is not a literary analysis essay, nor is it a straightforward narrative in which you simply describe an experience that occurred to you. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your point of view or opinion about the overall theme your choose(i.e. do you believe that advice is not worth giving? That self-transformation is not possible for everyone? That relationships in the digital age are collectively doomed to fail? That protection is unrealistic or nonexistent?). The personal experience that you tell supports your opinion. In other words, this is a persuasive essay using a personal narrative as evidence.
Because this is not a traditional analysis essay, your thesis and organization will not be in the traditional format. You don’t need an introduction with a clear thesis, five body paragraphs, a conclusion, etc. The format and organization are left up to you. You may use dialogue, flashbacks, lengthy description, etc.- whatever it takes to get your point across. You will be graded on 1) how clearly your overall opinion of the theme comes through in your essay, and 2) how well you tell your story to demonstrate that opinion.
A clear purpose and opinion
– Why are you telling this story? What is the overall theme you’re discussing? What is your opinion/point of view on that theme?
The story
– Allows your opinion to come through clearly, without needing to state it directly in a traditional “thesis”
– Unconventional organization (use dialogue, narrative elements, etc.)
– Told with ample description and clarity
– Using transitions to connect ideas, both within and between paragraphs

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