English and Literature

In this essay you will explore, through research, the rhetoric of some specific topic you are interested in. You can take a comparative approach to different disciplinary discourses or go into more depth in analyzing the rhetoric of one particular discipline or work. “Rhetoric” is the art of using words, language, images, and other media to communicate effectively, taking into consideration the writer’s persona and conveyed character, the audience’s traits and expectations, and the message being conveyed. As we will discuss further in class, classical rhetorical involves rhetorical appeals to pathos (emotion), logos (logic), and ethos (credibility, the author’s character, ethics). In this paper, I am asking you to research a topic of your choice, but also to focus in on specific sources that you can analyze from a rhetorical standpoint. This means that you will be studying not only the WHAT? of selected sources, but also the HOW? of how the authors have conveyed their messages and their arguments in an effective way. These two aspects of your essay can either be integrated together, or attached in separate sections.

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