English and Literature

-Write a five-to-ten page persuasive, analytic essay, documenting your sources in MLA format. Topic? Return to the “isms” of the back of our book (1906-1930) in order to make a case for which piece of visual art (a) should be a new cover for NITLyet (b) in so doing, would embody a particular literary theory. That is to say, youmight pick a painting by Picasso that not only would be a good cover for a book titled“Introduction to Literature,” but also would embody the principles of deconstruction.In this case, it might be Picasso’s Woman With a Book in the Norton Simon collection,Pasadena. Explain your choice, both in terms of how it matches our textbook but also,how it predicts or previews or fulfills or embodies one of the literary theory “isms.”
You may draw on any of the traditional visual arts—photography, ceramics, sculpture,        or painting—but your choice should be a good book cover (so vertical compositions            work best) as well as demonstrating one of our “isms.” Another example might be the        1946 photograph by Ansel Adams, Clouds Above Golden Canyon, Death Valley, California,also in the Norton Simon collection. This attractive, vertical image might be argued toembody a number of ideas, from Jungian archetypes to a blend of New Historicismand Marxism, in that Mr. Adams, unlike some of his female colleagues, was grantedspecial privileges during World War II. When others were prevented from traveling, he was given extra gasoline rationing coupons, extra tire vouchers, and was released fromimmediate wartime service while he made his art. (It’s a great photo, to be sure, but it only happened because he was granted elite status and exempted from restrictions.)At some point in your paper, reproduce your selected art work, crediting its source.

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