English-critical thinking

3 page research paper with a minimum of one outside source and a Works Cited page on ONE of the short stories called “There are Jews in my house” from (p3-50) from There are Jews in My House by Lara Vapnyar


You will be focusing on analyzing ONE of the short stories There Are Jews in My House.


You will get to select and create your paper topic for the essay. I want you to write from your area of interest in relation to the reading. Don’t write a “dutiful” paper…write about what interests you, what you felt was compelling in the reading. As you read, highlight, make notes in the margins, keep a reading journal. These things will help you when you decide what you want to write about in regards to that text.

(1) Before you begin writing your paper, rework your outline to be sure:

(a) Your thesis is an arguable opinion that in centered on the reading.
(b) Your supporting points are presented in a logical order.
(c) You have evidence (examples from the reading, quotes) to prove and illustrate your supporting points.

(2) You must include one outside source to support your argument and include a Works Cited page. Review Research, In-Text Citations, and Works Cited in the reader.

All the writing you will be doing in this course is reading-based. This means that every essay you write will be a response to and analysis of the reading arguing a point of view about the reading . If you write an essay that does not mention the reading or directly examine the reading, it will be considered off topic and will receive little to no credit. You will not be writing plot summaries. You will summarize parts of the reading to support your argument, but summary should not take over your paper. Each paragraph should serve to prove a clear and specific point and all paragraphs should work together to prove one unifying, thesis (opinion on the reading). For all papers,  creating your own argument about the assigned reading so that you are writing from a place of interest rather than duty. You cannot pass this course if you fail to turn in one of the assigned papers.

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