Ethical and Legal Issues

A recent counseling graduate, Shaikha, is very interested in working with clients who have eating disorders because she herself went through counseling for this issue. Recently, Shaikha has been under a lot of stress as she is undergoing domestic violence at home and her eating has become inconsistent and uncontrollable. In her counseling internship, Shaikha has been assigned a new client who has an eating disorder.

C2.1 What is the ethical dilemma in this case?
C2.2 Which of the principles or code ethics, guidelines or laws are in conflict?
C2.3 What are the alternative solutions?
C2.4 What are the benefits and risks of each alternative?
C2.5 What should Shaikha decide to do? Why?

Please use either National Association of Social Workers or American Counseling Associations code of ethics as reference to resolve the ethical dilemma. Write a paper 4 pages APA style. Please include the answers of the following questions in the paper for further details.
What kind of ethical dilemma is it?
Is it personal or professional?
What are the moral, legal, ethical issues and values that need to be considered?
At the end please include a conclusion with the expected outcome to the solution.

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