The students will research and analyze cases (ideal examples or violations) of organizational/professional ethics and present their cases. The focus of the presentation is on the identification and the analysis of professional conducts in the world of business and professional organizations.
a. The student will select a case of organizational/professional ethics and identify and discuss and analyze its ethical nature (or the nature of ethical violations)b. The object of this paper is to analyze the elements of organizational/professional ethics in connection with major ethical theories (such as utilitarianism, Kantian deontology, virtue ethics, and social contract theory, and social justice).
c. Specifically, students need to discuss the following points in their papers.
– Presentation and explanation of at least two opposite (or alternative) interpretations/views of the case.
– Presentation and explanation of basic ethical theories relevant to the case.
– Analysis of the case in terms of these interpretations and ethical theories.
Include the following information in your paper:
1. Case: What has happened?
2. Stakeholders: Who are the stakeholders in this case? Who (person, people, community, & institution) are involved?
3. What priority rank do you give to each stakeholder?
4. Were any ethical norms or principles (one or two from the utilitarian, Kantian, Social Contractarian [social justice], virtue, etc. principles or values) violated? Are these principles conflicting with each other and creating a dilemma situation?
5. Who were the winners or who were the losers in this case?
6. Would you have done differently if you were the person who made the decision?

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