– Ong, Paul and John M. Liu. 2000. “U.S. Immigration Policies and Asian Migration.”
– Massey, Douglas, Durand, Jorge and Nola Malone. 2003. Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Mexican Immigrations in an Era of Economic Integration. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.
Students will write about one to two pages journal (single spaced) answering the following questions.

1. What are the main concepts discussed in the readings? (Please select two themes that struck you the most).

How would you define these concepts in your own words?

2. What are key evidences or examples the authors uses to support his or her thesis?

3. Reflect on what you have read. What do you think about the arguments, evidence, and/or his or her

concepts? Do you feel that there is anything missing from the reading? How did it make you feel? How does

this knowledge affect the way you look at Asian Americans, their communities, and experiences?

Let me reiterate that you have to include all the readings in your journal, at least for #1 and #2 questions. See what theme(s) connect(s) different readings (for #1) and discuss different evidences that authors use to support their arguments (in #2). For last question, you can choose one reading that struck you the most and respond to it OR generally discuss how the theme of the week has changed your perspective.

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