Ethics and Human Resources Management

Ethics and Human Resources Management

Explore ethical dilemmas in the workplace

Examine corporate culture as a key part of ethical behavior and discriminatory behavior

Explore how personal ethics and corporate culture combine to determine behavior toward employees


1) Text: Hartman, chapter 5

2) Articles: Current Event

Using business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barron’s, etc. locate and read a current event that relates to this week’s topics.

3) Websites: None

4) Other: Lecture


1) Individual: Maria Suarez

a) Scenario:

Maria Suarez got a new job. As an oil rigger, she would now make enough money to support herself and her two children. When she was on the job only one week, her male co-workers were making unwelcome comments about her body. When she came to work one morning, a nude female picture was pinned to one of the rigs. Maria’s name was scrawled across the bottom. Maria complained to the crew foreman, who sent her to the site manager. Let’s ignore it for a while, he told Maria. Its just good fun. The men are testing you. You’ve got to try to fit in.

b) Think about yourself in a similar situation and the feelings you would have, from Maria’s viewpoint, the other crew members viewpoints and the supervisors viewpoints.

i) What do you think Maria “ legal, ethical, and human“ are in this situation?

ii) How would you handle this if you were the site manager?

iii) Should Maria just try to and hope for the best?

c) Answer the questions in a paper of about 1,000 words. Content is more important than length.

d) Submit your paper by the end of the week.

2) Collaborative Learning Community: None

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