Ethics Essay

For this assignment each student is to write an essay analyzing one of the ethics case studies found on the National Academy of Engineering website:

While there are nine case studies at this site, you are to pick one of the following five:
1. Anhydrous Ammonia Hose Failure
2. B.F. Goodrich Air Force A7D Brake Failure
3. The Aberdeen Three Case
4. The Case of the Lakewood Hi- Stak
5. TV Antenna Collapse

In your own words, you are to address the following in your essay:
* Briefly describe the situation and summarize the failure/problem that occurred.
* What ethics-related issue(s) contributed significantly to the failure you chose to write about?
* What could have been done to prevent the failure/problem?

You will be graded for content, proper use of English, and for spelling, grammar and style.

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