Evidence based practice/ PICO study

For 65 plus inpatients who are immobile, is dry dressing as effective as wet (Hydrocolloid) dressings in wound healing (pressure sore and pressure ulcers)?

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TOPIC The Effect of Body Position and Mattress
Type on Interface Pressure in Quadriplegic Adults: A Pilot Study
NOVELTY The article is a primary source
SCOPE The study was based on a small sample of 12 men and 8 women single observation. Generalization limited due to small sample taken and lack or randomization
MODE The study was a cross-sectional study. The observed characteristic could not be altered by the subjects hence there was no Hawthorne effect.
TECHNOLOGY Technology used in study was reliable and specific
METHODOLOGY The study is a quantitative, cross-sectional survey
IDEOLOGY The information was objective.
POLITICS . Researchers had no personal or other vested interest in the research.

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