Evolution of criminological theory & its impact on the criminal justice system

Submit a 10 page research paper on the evolution of criminological theory and its
impact on the criminal justice system (i.e., police, courts/law, and corrections).
5 page paper I: The Evolution of Criminological Theory
5 page paper II: The Impact of Criminological Theory on the Criminal Justice System

When it comes to the Evolution of Criminological Theory, not all School of Through/Theories were equally influential. Thus, choose the theories you believe are the most important to the CJ system and discuss them (utilize the who, why, when method). Treating your audience as someone who knows nothing at all about theory, include the individuals contributing to a school of thought (i.e., Cesear Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham of the Classical School). Include the time frames for the schools of
thought. It would be beneficial to include the purpose/goals of these schools of thought. For example, the Classical School pushed for major judicial and penal reform in an effort to change a brutal, corrupt, and authoritative system. You won’t be able to discuss all theories. I urge you not to waste trying to accomplish doing so.
Hint: Some very influential Theories/Schools of Thought include: Classical, Biological Positivism, Social Theories (i.e., Social Disorganization), Psychological/Psychosocial Theories, Social Control Theories Once you have identified the theories/schools of thought you found as influential, extract their contributions and apply them to the CJ system. We’ll use the Classical School as an example. Classical School:
-Influential in barring the use of torture for the extraction of statements/confessions (Police level
-Influential with the rescaling of punishment, where punishments should fit their respective crimes. Before the Classical School’s influence, there were over 200+ crimes punished by death, introduced written legal codes, rather than having judges levy vicious and arbitrary penalties, barred the use of secret accusations and the introduction of confronting one’s accusers (Court level contributions). These are a few basic examples of how to apply the influence/impact of theory to the Criminal Justice System.

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